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The Shri Raadhey Corporation is a strong gamut of professionals from the courier & cargo industry under one roof, Shri Raadhey Corporation to adopts the “Total Freight Management” facilitating door to door logistic services. Endless World, Endless Solutions. Solutions., This approach ensures the correct management of courier & cargo service in a cost-efficient and professional manner making Shri Raadhey Corporation the RIGHT PARTNER FOR YOU.

Shri Raadhey Corporation specializes in providing international airfreight to shippers, consignees, and sub-agents. We are an integral part of our client’s export department, offering custom-tailored airfreight logistic solutions for a wide variety of cargo. From small express shipments to large scale projects, our air cargo division is well-equipped with the latest software and a network across the globe, assuring your shipments are handled with optimal care. Our staff is known for their extensive experience in handling all facets of air cargo logistic operations.

Shri Raadhey Corporation has flown air charters for international relief efforts globally. No location is off-limits to our expert logistics professionals, who are available around the clock to monitor and analyze every step of your shipment. Experience the finest and most personalized logistics solutions in the world with the Airfreight Division of Shri Raadhey Corporation Cargo.

Shri Raadhey Corporation offers a full air charter service for large project air shipments. We personally monitor and coordinate each load and even fly a manager with your freight to coordinate off-loads and delivery to the final destination.

Shri Raadhey Corporation has strong arrangements with a wide range of air freight carriers and agents located on major airports worldwide. Airfreight is an important part of our range of services, offering end-to-end supply chain management. To facilitate prompt shipping and delivery, our airfreight team is fully trained and equipped to guide our clients with the appropriate options.

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